softwall Cleanrooms

custom manufactured SOFTWALL cleanrooms

Sapphire Modular's Softwall Cleanrooms provide an economical, versatile solution to clean manufacturing requirements in semiconductor, medical device, and many other industries. Unlike other softwall modular cleanrooms on the market which require complex suspended ceiling supports, Global Modular's Softwall cleanrooms are completely free-standing structures.


Our Modular's cleanrooms are fabricated from heavy duty 2-1/2" square steel tubing for superior strength and powder coated for durability or you may choose a 304 stainless steel frame. Your softwall cleanroom is pre-fabricated at the factory for quick installation, which usually takes 3-5 days, depending on the cleanroom dimensions. Easily install the room yourself with complete instructions, or have our crew do it for you. Sapphire Modular's Softwall cleanrooms have been designed to be portable, expandable, and easily assembled/disassemble.


Our cleanrooms are also available on an expedited program to meet your tight production schedule! Your time is valuable and we're here to make your entire cleanroom project run smoothly and finish on time, and on budget.


Components include Panels, Strip Shields, Strip Doors, and Filter/Fan Modules, as well as accessories and options.






















Softwall Cleanroom Panels & Strip Shields

Softwall panels are fabricated of heavy-duty,40 mil material-double the industry standard-ensuring enhanced tear resistance and eliminating the need for unsightly sewn sash weights. Strip shields, made of 60-mil material, come standard in 8" widths, with 2" overlap, for easy entrance or exiting. Polyurethane shields are 12"W, 40 mil thick. Panels and strips are available in three materials, in either a clear or frosted appearance. Softwall cleanroom panels and strip shields attach to the support frame by means of a unique non-contaminating Grip-Track™ mounting system that eliminates cracks and seams where germs or particles can collect. Other mounting systems are available.


Stainless steel swivel casters feature non-shedding polyurethane wheels. Estimated Capacity: 400 lbs. each.

Order one per vertical post. Price includes installation. Casters raise the frame 7.125". If casters are ordered,

the frame will be made shorter to keep the floor to filter face dimension to specification.

CAUTION: Casters are intended to allow movement only on smooth floors and require that personnel support each cleanroom upright during motion.


Casters available.

Options and restrictions to be determined

Optional Control Panel Operation System

Mounted to the left of the access door, this panel allows convenient control of filter/fan units, lights, and other environmental monitoring equipment selected for your hardwall modular cleanroom. Fabricated of 304 stainless steel or powder coated steel to match your cleanroom design. This display system is available for hardwall cleanrooms only. a Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge (.25-0-0.25"WC), is also available.

Standard Control Panel

Offers lights & FFU's ON/OFF switch, Magnehelic Gauge and keylock.

Touch Screen Control Panel

Offers lights & FFU's ON/OFF control, pressure data readings.

Digital Control Panel

Offers lights & FFU's ON/OFF switch, Digihelic Gauge and keylock.

Fan Filter Units (FFU's)

HEPA & ULPA filter types

Dimensions: 2' x 4' , 2' x 2' & 2' x 3'

120V & 220V available


Fluorescent & LED fixture options

Dimensions: 2' x 4'

120V & 220V available

Power Distribution Box (PDB)

Connects up to 5 FFU's & lights per Box.

Reduces power line connections

Ceiling Grid

Suspension System for FFU's, lights and ceiling panels

PLEASE NOTE: Contact Sapphire for pricing.