hardwall Cleanrooms

custom manufactured HardWALL cleanrooms

Sapphire Cleanrooms provide an economical, versatile solution to clean manufacturing requirements in semiconductor, medical device, and many other industries. Unlike other hardwall modular cleanrooms on the market which require complex suspended ceiling supports, Sapphire Modular’s Hardwall cleanrooms are completely free-standing structures.

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A variety of panel materials are offered to meet your requirements for chemical resistance, light wavelength intensity and overall strength and security. Totally transparent walls make it easy to monitor activities in the room. These crystal clear panels create a cleanroom that is more aesthetically appealing than regular softwall rooms.

  • Acrylic Panels offer full visibility and outstanding tensile strength. These economical panels are lightweight and easy to clean. Acrylic is not recommended for use with alcohol or other strong cleaning agents.
  • PVC panels, Static-dissipative is recommended for the most sensitive to contamination, due to their ability to control static particles. The friction created by a laminar air flow generated by surface charges on the walls is not dissipative, which in turn, attracts and retain particles. The wall of his room clean becomes a magnet particles.
  • Dissipative PVC performs these loads safely to the ground surface, protecting against the potential damage from ESD (electrostatic discharge) and particle pollution. Dissipative layers are molecularly embedded for optimum durability. Surface Resistivity: 106 to 108 ohms / square. cm (ASTM-D257).
  • Polycarbonate resists many common acids, solvents and cleaning solutions. Its high tensile strength makes it shatter resistant.
  • Polypropylene provides superb resistance to acids and other chemicals.

Optional Control Panel Operation System

Mounted to the left of the access door, this panel allows convenient control of filter/fan units, lights, and other environmental monitoring equipment selected for your hardwall modular cleanroom. Fabricated of 304 stainless steel or powder coated steel to match your cleanroom design. This display system is available for hardwall cleanrooms only. a Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge (.25-0-0.25"WC), is also available.

Standard Control Panel

Offers lights & FFU's ON/OFF switch, Magnehelic Gauge and keylock.

Touch Screen Control Panel

Offers lights & FFU's ON/OFF control, pressure data readings.

Digital Control Panel

Offers lights & FFU's ON/OFF switch, Digihelic Gauge and keylock.

Hardwall Cleanrooms are uniquely fabricated with a 2” square tubing, powder coated frame or 304 stainless steel and aluminum extrusions integrated for superior strength and simplifying the installation of interlocking panels. Unlike other cleanrooms on the market, Sapphire panels are ready for installation with minimal hardware. The walls are easily installed which will give you the flexibility to modify, expand or move the room as your needs change, making the room a long-term investment . The interchangeable panels make panel replacement and maintenance simple, without unnecessary disassembly of the frame.

The hardwall ceiling is prefabricated at the factory for quick installation. Easily install the room yourself with complete instructions, or have our crew do it for you. Our professionally trained crew will manage the entire project from delivery and installation to clean up, with minimal disturbance to your staff.

Ceiling grid shows ceiling panels, lights and FFU's

Fan Filter Units (FFU's)

HEPA & ULPA filter types

Dimensions: 2' x 4' , 2' x 2' & 2' x 3'

120V & 220V available

Average Flow: 650 cfm

Sound: 55db

Touch controls with 3 sppeds


Fluorescent & LED fixture options

Dimensions: 2' x 4'

120V & 220V available

Power Distribution Box (PDB)

Connects up to 5 FFU's & 5 lights

Reduces power line connections

Wall Panel Vents

Control Room pressure

HVAC System

Provides cool air for unconditioned areas

Roll-Up Doors

Easy transport of large equipment and carts

Access Doors

Available in swing, sliding, interlocked and emergency models

 Single or double options

Temperature / Humidity Control

Cleanroom temperature & humidity control available.

Options based on requirements

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Dirty Air

Clean Air

Recirculated Air

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