plastic and stainless steel gloveboxes

Sapphire offers a wide range of ready to use gloveboxes that can be equipped with a comprehensive set of
optional features. These can be used for the for the research and development of emerging technologies including Lithium Batteries, Chemical, OLED / PLED and Welding.


We offer a variety of economical isolation and containment gloveboxes.


Our laboratory glove boxes provide a controlled atmosphere, particle free , low humidity and oxygen free environment.


Our gloveboxes provide a clean , low-humidity, Oxygen free environment for laboratory, cleanroom, electronic assembly and other critical processing These Gloveboxes set up for Positive pressure operations and when utilized with automatic purge control units, they can maintain a preset relative humidity or oxygen level using an inert gas such as Nitrogen.


Our Glove box chambers are available in single and double user options. They can be used with any control modules for humidity / dehumidification and static neutralization.