BIOlogical Cleanrooms

custom manufactured biological cleanrooms

Sapphire Modular's Biological Cleanrooms provide an economical, versatile solution to Biological and Pharmaceutical industries. Our Modular's Biological cleanrooms are double- steel wall free-standing units and easily installed. Internal smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces provide the best solution for clean environment applications. Available in 304/316L stainless or powder coated steel material.

USP 797 Biological Cleanrooms

USP 800 Biological Cleanrooms

Negative-pressure room designed for

compounding sterile hazardous drugs.

Positive -pressure sterile compounding room

Standard Control Panel

Offers lights & FFU's ON/OFF switch, Magnehelic Gauge and keylock.

Touch Screen Control Panel

Offers lights & FFU's ON/OFF control, pressure data readings.

LED Status Light

Light is ON when FFU's are operating

Stainless Steel Fan Filter Units (FFU's)

HEPA & ULPA filter types

Dimensions: 2' x 4' , 2' x 2' & 2' x 3'

120V & 220V available


Fluorescent & LED fixture options

Dimensions: 2' x 4'

120V & 220V available

Power Distribution Box (PDB)

Connects up to 5 FFU's & lights per Box.

Reduces power line connections

Ceiling Grid

Stainless Steel suspension system for FFU's, lights and ceiling panels

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